Don't Run From Your Treadmill Problems

Don't Run From Your Treadmill Problems

Let us handle your treadmill repair services in Temecula, CA and Los Angeles, CA

Your clients expect your equipment to run so they can run, too. At LA Gym Repair, we are here for you when you need treadmill repairs.
While sometimes it’s obvious that you need treadmill repair services, other times it’s hard to tell. Look for some of these symptoms in your treadmills:

  • Treadmill buttons do not react quickly
  • Treadmill walking belt is sticky or slippery
  • Treadmill electronic screen does not display properly
  • Treadmill makes noise, including knocking, ticking or squeaking

When you need treadmill services in Temecula, CA or Los Angeles, CA, trust a professional team with years of experience and the right tools for the job. Call today to set up a consultation.

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Treadmill maintenance services are the perfect way to ensure that your treadmills stay in tip-top shape so your clients can do the same. When you hire the pros at LA Gym Repair, you can count on quality service at a reasonable price.

Our staff of specialists will set up a consultation to learn about your gym equipment issues. Then, we'll closely inspect every aspect of your equipment to find the root of the problem. With our trained technicians and proper tools, we go to work fixing the problem, making sure it doesn't come back any time soon.

For treadmill maintenance services in Los Angeles, CA and Temecula, CA, only trust the experts at LA Gym Repair. Reach out today to set up a meeting with one of our technicians.